Sprucing Up the Cake Mix!

The Wanderlust Celiac

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 12.05.28 AM In a health craze, we tend to ignore the pre-packaged cake mixes on the shelf.  However, after the time, energy, and thought placed into these products, they are a great jumpstart to your gluten free dessert!  Today, we’ll delve in and spruce up Betty Crocker’s GF Yellow Cake Mix to make it egg free too 🙂

Betty Crocker is a recognizable name for anyone, not just those of us with allergies.  Her GF chocolate chip cookies are to die for and simple to make egg free.  However, the cake mix takes a bit more work because we need to substitute for 3 EGGS!!!! Let the panic begin…

3 eggs is a lot of egg to replace.  At some point, we’re trying to create an omelette without an egg (which is do-able by the way).  To get these cupcakes to be moist and to rise, we’ll have to…

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