Scones and more scones

Jessie Cakes Diary

IMG_6548I have just returned from a fabulous trip to the Isle of Arran in Scotland, where we explored the beautiful countryside, skipped stones, toasted marshmallows on the fire and of courseeat!!
Whilst away I set myself the challenge of finding the best Scone on the island, so that if you ever decided to visit Arran (which you definitely should) you can taste the best of the best.
In 4th place:Janie’s – Too dry and the cream wasn’t freshly whipped. However the little jam pot is cuter that cute!


In 3rd place: Coast – A good scone with fresh whipped cream, however not enough jam.


The runner up:The Coffee Pot – A very buttery scone with a generous helping of velvety whipped cream. Definitely worth trying!


The Winner:Machrie Bay – Arrive early for a fresh out of the oven warm scone, with fresh cream and a dollop of sweet jam. Crumbly perfection. Head down…

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