Non traditional Thermomix gazpacho soup recipe



thermomix_gazpacho_recipes Non-traditional Thermomix Gazpacho recipe

gazpacho with smoked tea flavor infusion

Thermomix fans in Spain will already know how to make gazpacho but this one is not your grandmother’s gazpacho recipe! With the addition of two bold ingredients, the traditionally refreshing Spanish summertime soup acquires a more hearty depth of flavour that makes it work all year round. Gazpacho is also highly recommended for new Thermomix owners because it’s a quick and easy way to to certain success.

The traditional gazpacho of southern Spain and Portugal is a chilled soup made of fresh tomato, green pepper (capsicum), cucumber, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and salt. In some homes soaked bread is added as a thickener. Because it’s served cold and makes great use of summer garden vegetables this is largely a seasonal soup. Makes a fabulous appetizer, main dish, or even a mid-morning breakfast soup for hot sunny days. You DO want…

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