Dunkin’ Donuts- Heaven on Earth




Dunkin’ Donuts was made by the angels of heaven, doughnuts and coffee- it’s as good as it sounds, trust me.

Like all good and unhealthy food places, Dunkin’ Donuts originated in the USA and I thank American’s very much for what they have created. Unlike Starbucks or Costa, where the atmosphere can often feel a little too stiff for us students, I praise this place for having such a relaxing vibe. With bright lighting and a spacious seating area I think it’s the perfect spot to grab a quick coffee and a treat whilst catching up with friends.

The menu catered for everyone with a variety of drinks ranging from the usual lattes and mocha’s to iced coffee and smoothies. I was also surprised to find they sold Bagel’s and sandwiches but I saved those for another trip.

So then came the Doughnuts and there was a lot of them…

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