18: Collaboration: Beverages

Project 54

18: Collaboration:

The photo shows beverages that my friends and I have consumed over the past few months. These aren’t simply soft drinks, but all those included are “buji” drinks such as coffee, frappuccinos, and boba tea. This was done purposely because all these drinks are consumed out of pleasure over necessity.

Looking to it in relation to the HD brand these are items that can be consumed at any time and any season. They are not seasonal items, but something you can buy at any time of the year, although you don’t need them. They are everyday sort of luxuries that don’t need to be purchased beyond campus.

In addition, I began to think that not everyone would spend money to get this. To me and my friends these are beverages we will buy on the go as a sort of sweet treat. If we are feeling bad we go get…

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