I got a smartphone!

Tales of Palo Alto

That’s right folks: I joined the 21st century. This morning I bought myself a lovely, shiny Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s very pretty. The lady asked me what phone I had previously and G and I sniggered and settled for saying “this is my first smartphone”.  She complimented me on my typing skills. But yes, here’s a photo of me outside AT&T grinning like an idiot with my new toy.


So last night was a birthday party for two of G’s friends. It was a proper American college party; we had red cups!

??????????? Grad students drink prosecco.

The party was a pot luck dinner. We decided to make garlic bread for the first time. Despite an emergency cycle dash back to Trader Joe’s for a second loaf of bread, it seemed to be alright. Although I apparently was overly generous with the garlic. Whoops.



The fiance of one of the birthday boys…

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