The Walking Dead Episode (4×10) Review – “Inmates”

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The Walking Dead episode 4x10 4

The Survivors Contemplated Following the Tracks in This Week’s Episode

Last week when The Walking Dead returned from its long hiatus, viewers found out what Rick, Carl and Michonne had been up after the prison massacre. Rick, nearly comatose from his wounds, left Carl alone to fend for himself as the kid dealt with his anger over Rick’s management, Hershel’s death, and his missing baby sister Judith. Meanwhile, Michonne’s grief nearly swallowed her whole, but the warrior was saved after she got a glimpse at what giving up and giving in would offer her. By the end of the episode, the three found each other and were reunited in a touching reunion scene. This week in episode 410, viewers learned what became of all the others who may or may not have survived the Governor’s attack on the prison. So now that you’re all caught up on what you may…

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