Thank you, Stephen King.



trails-cover-final ANOMALY 4

I’ve always been something of a fence sitter when it comes to theology – to this day, I’m torn as to whether humans were put here on purpose or came about as the result of a cataclysmic event, but one thing I was sure of for a very long time was that, when it came to the existence of yours truly, someone or something screwed up royal.  I didn’t look like the other girls (even when I dressed the same), I wasn’t interested in the same things, I was so socially awkward that I only spoke at two volume levels (whisper or shriek), and my frequent attempts at getting attention any way I could were almost always a failure, even when they succeeded.

In short, I was the weird kid with no friends, (well, I did have friends, but they didn’t like me very much).  My only solace was my…

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  1. mjmoorewriter berkata:

    Thanks so much for the re-blog!

    1. AIR! berkata:

      your welcome ^^ thanks for your awesome blog too 🙂

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