Psyhco Baby Killer and Too Scared To Shoot.



Holy shit, we got a bad ass here!

Let’s talk about the walking dead. Enough time as passed where I don’t care if I’m spitting spoilers cause GUESS WHAT!!!! IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR THE NEW EPISODE! so get with the program people.

Let’s discuss that everything I predicted came true.

Glen is alive.

Ty had the girls Lizzie (Psycho baby killer) and Mika (too scared of her own shadow) AND JUDITH IS ALIVE AND WITH THEM! (though that’s much to Lizzie’s dismay)

Carol met up with the girls and Ty and well let’s say just in time.

With that out of the way here are my thoughts. How much do I want Daryl to shoot annoying whiny Beth? like, as much as I wanted the gov dead. How dare she boss him around. Who the fuck made her have balls of steel? it was just a few episodes ago she…

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