Often & Well

I’ll preface this by saying that it’s been 43 days since I’ve been home. That doesn’t sound long, but it’s getting to that time where I need a nice break from the crazy and to indulge in some family time and doggy kisses.

Perhaps it’s the 43 days, perhaps it’s the imminence of graduation and the inherent uncertainty that comes along with it. Perhaps it’s something else entirely. But for a few weeks now I’ve battled the strange feeling of living in the ‘in between’. I don’t live at home, but I can’t really call my room at school a home because I will eventually be forced to leave (check in with me in a few months to see if the guards had to drag me out or not).

It’s a funny place, this ‘in between.’ It’s like I have many homes, and no homes. It was probably around my…

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