Google Play Store 4.1.6 now available for download

Google Play Store new (left) vs old (right)

Google IO kicks off tomorrow, and just before tomorrow’s big announcements, some things are leaking out a bit early. Take the latest Google Play Store 4.1.6 which has suddenly appeared online, bringing with it a few subtle UI tweaks. Bigger changes include the new “My wishlist” view, along with much whiter install/uninstall buttons, menu, and settings. Those with a keen eye will also notice Google+ profile avatars now showing up +1 area, a nice change that mirrors the desktop experience.

Seems with this release, Google has all but washed away any hint of dark colored Holo theme from the Play Store. Could this be a hint of what we’ll see in Key Lime Pie? We’ll have a long time to figure it out. Google is more than likely saving the big dessert for the next iteration of the Nexus to be announced towards the end of this year.

[Download: Google Play Store 4.1.6]


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