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Uncharted Drakes Fortune

Everybody knows that I am a huge fan of the Assassins Creed franchise and I never even considered that there might be another game that would be just as awesome but luckily i came across another absolutely fantastic game called Uncharted.

Ok, so a few of you I know are saying “Um dude, this review is like five years to late.” and I am aware of that but  I only recently bought myself a PS3 console and haven’t had a chance to broaden my horizons in the PS3 gaming world.

This game is more of a character driven story with a decent plot to go with it.  It’s like playing a movie.   It’s very cinematic, humorous, catchy and you are able to identify with the characters on an emotional level.  The games birth comes from the Naughty Dog team who developed the Crash Bandicoot series way back in…

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